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MCE Courses

There are 2-Steps to renew your license

  1. Take your continuing education courses before your deadline; and
  2. Go online and pay TREC to renew your license (www.trec.texas.gov)

What is MCE?

  • MCE stands for "Mandatory Continuing Education." It is the continuing education required after a License holder meets their initial 270-hours of SAE courses.
  • Typically, a License holder whether Broker or Salesperson needs 15-hours of approved MCE courses before midnight on the expiration date of their current license cycle.

Your license renewal requires 15-hours of MCE consisting of:

  • The mandatory Legal Update course (3-hours)
  • The mandatory Ethics Update course (3-hours)
  • Plus 9-more hours of any approved elective course(s)

MCE Renewal Requirements did not change - unless you supervise or sponsor other license holders. See question below.

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Some TREC Rules changed for certain brokers and supervisors on 9-1-2012.

Q: Are you a License holder who:

  • sponsors one or more salespersons, or
  • is a designated broker of a licensed business entity, or
  • is a license holder who supervises other license holders for six months or more during the course of your current license?

If any of the 3 criteria above describes you then you must take the following courses:

  • 3-hours of Legal Update
  • 3-hours Ethics Update, and
  • a new 6-hour Broker Responsibility Course
  • 3-hours of an approved elective topic.

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A Broker or Salesperson who does not meet the requirements above will need the standard 15-hours of MCE. This includes:

  • 6-total hours of Legal and Ethics
  • plus 9-hours of electives.

See our wide variety of approved MCE courses offerings.

You may always review your educational and license records at TREC's website. Go to: www.trec.texas.gov/newsandpublic/license holderLookup/

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